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Member Qualification & Capital

Member Qualification & Capital



Vision & Management

Vision & Management

In order to join Construction Guarantee, 
you must invest in Construction Guarantee and have a registered license in accordance 
with the “Framework Act on the Construction Industry.”

Work Flow
  1. STEP 01
    Application for Construction Guarantee.
    Applicant to register for construction business, Construction Guarantee allocates
    applicant's subscription certificate, and accepts membership.
  2. STEP 02
    Submit Subscription Certificate
    Members to submit the subscription certificate corresponding to the limits of transaction.
  3. STEP 03
    Credit Rating
    Construction Guarantee determines member's credit rating for business.
  4. STEP 04
    Enter into Agreements
    Entering into guarantee and loan agreements, which stipulate limits of deals, and rights and
    responsibilities of both parties.
  5. STEP 05
    Request Guarantee or Loan
    Members prepare necessary paperwork, and request guarantee or loan.
  6. STEP 06
    Construction Guarantee evaluates member's guarantee or loan request.
  7. STEP 07
    Issue Guarantee or Supply Loan
    Construction Guarantee issues guarantee or provides loan for the approved request.
Guaranteeable Amount Confirmation

The Guaranteeable Amount Confirmation system evaluates the finance and credit status of members and prospective members, depending on the results, receives a deposit of 20% to 50% of their capital in cash from them and guarantees an amount in excess of their legal capital.

Number of investment accounts necessary to have guarantee capability confirmation documents issued
Number of investment accounts necessary to have guarantee capability confirmation documents issued
Category of Business Capital (KRW) C grade or above
D grade
Engineering and construction, Industrial facilities 1.2 billion 200 225
Civil engineering, Landscaping 0.7 billion 117 131
Construction 0.5 billion 83 94
Steel installation, Dredging 1 billion 166 187
Facilities, Cableway installation, Steel structures, Pavement, Railroads, Tracks 0.3 billion 50 57
Interior construction, Earthworks, Stone works,
Painting, Scaffoldings, Structure dissolution, Reinforced concrete,
Water works, Boring / Grouting, Underwater / Landscape planting,
Landscape facilities, Elevator installation, Class 1 gas,
Plastering / Waterproofing / Masonry,
Metal structures, Joinery, Roof sheeting,
Building assembly, Mechanical equipment
0.2 billion 34 38
Trend of the Capital (3 years)

(Unit : million Won)

Trend of the Capital (3 years)
Classification 2013 2014 2015
Capital 51,468 52,689 53,449


*Capital amount at the time of the foundation in 1963: 215 million Won

Trend of the Number of Construction Guarantee's Members (3 years)

(Unit : company)

Trend of the Number of Construction Guarantee ‘s Members (3 years)
Classification 2013 2014 2015
Number of members 10,517 10,524 10,803


*The number of Construction Guarantee ‘s members at the time of the foundation in 1963:  421 companies

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