new decade cg 2020

    Dedication to the sound development of the construction industry

    by providing construction guarantee and financial services


    The best comprehensive construction financial institution to lead the future of the construction industry
    The First & Best CG 2020!

  • Strategic Goals

    • Future growth

      No 1. Market share in construction guarantee market
      Total guarantee amount of 65 trillion Won to be achieved

    • Customer Satisfaction

      The highest satisfaction level of members achieved (Achieved 95% in Customer Satisfaction Index)
      Provide the best construction finance service

    • Organization Capacity

      Secure the best strategic initiative
      Foster and secure the best manpower

  • Strategic theme

    • Enhance competitiveness in core business

    • Secure
      growth engine

    • Establish
      the Best management system

    • Enhance Construction Guarantee Cooperative brand

  • Strategic task

      1. Strengthen market domination in guarantee market
      2. Enhance competitiveness in mutual aid business
      3. Enhance risk management and asset management capacity
      1. Expand guarantee market area
      2. Business diversification
      3. Foster global manpower
      1. Firmly establish Liability management system
      2. Management focused on efficiency and performance
      3. GWP (Great Work Place)
      1. Enhance international credit standing
      2. Enhance responding capacity to environment change
      3. Strengthen social responsibility