About CG


CG is a special corporation established in 1963 according to the special corporation Construction Guarantee Act due to a need for a construction-specialized financial institution that would lead the industrialization of Korea which was in ruins after the Korean War in 1950. We are the construction-specialized financial institution where cooperative members are both shareholders and clients.

By supplementing insufficient credit of constructors and protecting owners from risks to enhance confidence of construction contracts and to enable smooth performance of contracted works, we are contributing to the development of the construction industry as well as to economic growth.

Our missions have public characteristics of providing guarantee upon public works such as social overhead capital with public institutions including the government as main owners, and we perform our tasks based on related laws and regulations under the supervision of the government.


Market Share
in the construction

  • Capital


  • The number of members


  • Guarantee balance


  • Credit rating

    Moody's A2

    Fitch Ratings A
    for 7 consecutive years

    A.M. BEST A+
    for 5 consecutive years

The capital of CG is 5.3 billion USD as of the end of 2018. The number of our shareholders and clients are over 12,000 companies, including most of the Korean general construction companies. The balance of the guarantee is 90.6 billion USD.
Our outstanding credit ratings reflect well established franchise, excellent risk-adjusted capitalization, and leading position in Korea's construction guarantee industry.

While we have supplied an enormous size of credit to the market for 56 years for the development of the construction industry and national economic growth, we have maintained stable financial status and high credit rating.