About CG


CG enhances the confidence on construction contracts and supports the growth of the construction industry
and the development of the national economy through guarantee business. We support stable business operation by
providing funds required for construction business and provide protection from loss due to unanticipated accidents.

  • Construction
  • Construction
  • Fund
  • Guarantee
  • Insurance
  • Loan

< Size of credit provided by the Cooperative to the construction industry (as of the end of 2018) >

  • A safety net is required to execute the construction work from the bidding phase to the project completion phase. CG supports the dynamic economic activities of people by complementing the credit of the construction industry as well as protecting the owner from any form of risk.

  • We ensure stable business operation of our members by assuring any losses that may occur due to unexpected natural disasters, fire, and safety accidents arising at the construction site.

  • We provide financial support for the construction industry and construction project at a lower interest rate than any other financial institutions, helping our members operate smoothly and reduce financial costs.

  • Construction Management Training Center was established to advance construction technology and foster construction professionals.
    We also hold seminars, forums, and expositions in our construction buildings, thereby increasing our pride in the development and achievement of the construction industry.
    We ensure the ultimate levels of relaxation for our members and their clients.