Risk-based Capital Ratio

Risk-based Capital Ratio
Risk based equity ratio
Based date End of 2021 End of 2022
Risk-based capital ratio 259.24% 208.59%
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Risk management policy

We secure capital adequacy to pursue sustainable and stable growth of the CG by complying with construction related mutual aid cooperative supervision standard by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and by maintaining bearable risk level. By computation and estimation of risk measuring elements (default ratio, subrogation ratio, loss ratio), risk level is measured using the Cooperative’s risk measuring model. Specific risk is controlled by establishing target equity capital ratio and allocation of capital by business division.

Risk management organization

The risk management committee is composed of the chairperson, managing director of planning, managing director of sales and 3 outside specialists according to the construction related mutual aid cooperative supervision standard and the articles of association of the CG. The committee deliberates and resolves major issues related to the CG’s risk management such as risk policy, guarantee premium, limit, credit evaluation, etc. The risk management team in charge of practical affairs of risks is operated to support the risk management committee.