By protecting members from the risks that can occur on construction sites, we support our customers so that they can save money and perform business efficiently. If a member, who has an insurance contract signed with CG, experiences a predefined accident within the insured period, then CG will compensate them for the damages incurred by the accident according to the provisions in the insurance contract.

Insurance types
  • Contractor’s all risks insurance compensates members for damaged construction items, 3rd party liabilities, and the developer’s anticipated interests.
  • Completed construction all risks insurance compensates members when an unexpected loss or damage occurs after the completed project is taken over by the developer.
  • Erection all risks insurance comprehensively compensates any other's bodily or property damage (compensation liability on third party) and any loss of profit by project owner due to sudden and fortuitous accident arising from various assembly contract works such as from assembly contract works on various machinery facilities and devices to plant contracted works in not only assembly object of contracted works but also contracted work.
  • Under Fire insurance, we are responsible for legal compensation liability on property damage due to accident covered by the policy such as fire and other's bodily or property damage due to fire and compensate such damage.
  • Workmen’s compensation insurance compensates members for accident liability in excess of the liability set forth in the “Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act.”
  • Overseas workmens’ compensation insurance compensates members for damages if a worker experiences an accident at an overseas site.
  • Business liability insurance compensates members for legal liabilities incurred due to damage to the physical bodies or property of others.
  • Group accident insurance is group cover taken out by employers to help their employees by paying the deductible agreed amount in the event of accidental injury or death during and outside working hours.
  • Personal safety insurance compensates members for worker deaths, injuries, ransoms caused by war, terrorist acts, or kidnappings.
  • Construction members protection package insurance is the product to compensate direct damage in property that any employee recruited to a cooperative member caused to a cooperative member due to fraudulent behavior on duty (1st sector: group fidelity guarantee) as well as any loss from legal liability for compensation to any third party due to negligence or breach in obligation of care on duty by any executive (2nd sector: executive's compensation liability).
  • Default of project owner credit insurance compensates for the lost of unpaid for construction work.