Construction Management Training Center View
At the Construction Management Training Center which is the best education facility harmonized with Mother Nature, the future where global construction leader starts.

Overseas landmark skyscrapers are now being completed through Korean construction technologies. The driving force behind the differentiated construction know-how recognized globally is the manpower fostered by Korean construction industry over several decades.
The CG opened Construction Management Training Center in April 1999 to promote the advancement of construction technologies and to foster construction specialists, focusing on providing educational service leading recent trends based on a scientific education system.
The Construction Management Training Center will not only expand education facilities suitably to Korean corporation’s various needs, but also create a pleasant educational environment together with Mother Nature, endeavoring to become the cradle for fostering the manpower that will lead the future construction industry.

Sejong Field golf club View
Sejong Field golf club opened in September 2012 as the public sports facility for CG members in Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City, which is at the center of South Korea, is a 18H public golf course.

18 holes designed in harmony with the nature on over 1 million m2 of land offers nature and rest within the downtown area. The course is shaped as two wings according to geographical features, and is divided up into Sejong course with feminine delicacy and softness, and the masculine and challenging Happiness course dynamically expressing the geographical changes along the vegetation belt. From each hole, the landscape of Sejong city government complex and the downtown can be viewed, and the nature can be sensed as the mountainous topography such as natural topography, woods, and rocks, etc. remains intact.